This Video Will Make You Believe In Miracles...


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This Footage Will Make You Believe In Miracles...


With the holiday season upon us, it’s nice to think about the spirit behind this giving season, and it’s always a warm feeling to take a step back from ourselves and appreciate the beauty of what this time of year is all about. With that being said, how many of you have ever witnesses a miracle? Well, if you haven’t, then you’re in luck – as today’s episode is titled This Video Will Make You Believe in Miracles! Want to become part of the Supreme Team? Make sure to subscribe down below with notifications ON so you don’t miss anything we post each day! Let’s get rollin!

10 Lady of Akita

We’ll kick things off today with something really powerful that’s taken place in Japan for quite some time. In more than a 6 year span, the Our Lady of Akita statue was documented crying real tears over 100 different times. Yeah, over 100. If you don’t know, Our Lady of Akita is the catholic title of the blessed Virgin Mary created by faithful Japanese, who hold it to be sacred and miraculous. The city of Akita in Japan is known for rice farming and sake breweries. In fact, there aren’t many places in the world that consume sake as much as this one does. Anyway, one pretty creepy thing that happened as a result of one of these crying instances is that some of the tears were sampled and flown all the way to Oxford University just for the confirmation that these were in-fact real human tears.

9 Angels on TV

Who doesn’t love a good television show, right? I mean we all have our shows that we’re faithful to – or that we can binge through a season of on a weekday afternoon with no problem. Well, what would happen if you were watching one of your favorite show and then, all of a sudden, you saw an angel just creep itself into your program? Well, that’s exactly what happened during this local news report in a rural area of Russia. This glow off to the left side of the screen, is what some say must signify a coming angel. The cameraman could barely keep his composure and told the news anchor to turn around and see what she was missing. They were both extremely amazed, and the camera operator kept the film rolling. The news reporter working the story that day could barely contain herself either, even though the strange white glow only lasted for a mere few moments. What do you think that could’ve been? At the end of the clip you can see how the angelic image sort of just trails off and disappears, almost as if it were never even there in the first place. Spooky, right?

8 Dancing Plant

Moving on – now, we realize here at Top Supreme that what some people call miracles, may not receive the same connotation from someone else. What I mean is that you may think that Oklahoma beating out Ohio State for the fourth and final playoff spot in this year’s NCAA football rankings – but me, I just call that plain ol’ BS. Haha, anyway – check out this next clip. A plant is seen dancing around – yes, I said dancing around, forcing dozens of locals to be thrilled in amazement of what they were witnessing. Yeah check out this small Neep Plant near Siddipet, Karimnagar. Watch as it twists and turns in amazing movements, especially for a plant. After a meer few hours the entire town new what was going on, and locals placed flowers around the plant and began to pray.

7 What’s in the Clouds?

As we keep today’s countdown moving right along, check out this next clip. Now we all remember days as kids when we could look up in the sky and make out some shapes with clouds that may or may not have been the same objects that our friends and family could see when we told them to look up. Right? I mean, we’ve all done it. So check this out, this strange cloud formation isn’t only viewable by one or two of us – I think everyone could see it. Am I right? What could that be? My first inclination is that it looks like some kind of prophet, or maybe even an angel, right up there in the sky. But what do you see? Either way you decide, it is definitely an eye-catching event, as it isn’t everyday you see something so specific made out of clouds. Now, we’re not exactly sure where this video was filmed, so if you have any idea then please feel free to go ahead and let us know down in the comments before today’s video comes to an end.

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