1968-69 Television Season 50th Anniversary: Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special (December 3, 1968)


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Fifty years ago tonight, December 3, 1968 at nine o'clock eastern time, NBC and the Singer Corporation presented The Elvis Presley Television Special.

At the time, it was a big event, and looking back over time now, the impact that this special had on the 1968-1969 television season, and on Elvis' career, is even more impressive and perhaps beyond mere words. In addition, this special also impacted the look-and-feel of many future television music specials that would come in the 1970s and 1980s (on cable television). It was, in any way shape or form, a transformational television special and Elvis Presley performance. It's impact cannot be denied, even after fifty years have passed.

The background on this special can be investigated in more detail online and in various reading material in print as well. Our staff have been doing our research into special over the past month, and we found the story very entertaining and surprising. We can't do the story justice in attempting to try to summarize the making of this special here in our short summary, so we encourage everyone to take a moment today to think about Elvis, the impact he had on music, television, movies and pop culture and learn more about the making of this television special. We will provide our short synopsis of the background of the special in our next video clip. Suffice to say, this special was original planned as a simple Christmas special, and along the way, it was transformed into a mega-event that has stood the test of time.

Final word here on this clip - we do apologize for the 'brevity' and short length of our 'Memories' tribute clip. Needless to say, we had quite a time trying to get any portion (**any portion**) of this clip past the standard licensing agreement issues that are common, and well respected by our Television Vanguard staff. lol But, we did out best, including presenting an older analog-VHS version of the song, in hopes of not violating any high quality, digital copyright version that the music label may be selling to the general public. We encourage any and all to go onto Amazon and purchase a DVD version of this special... highly recommended and the perfect holiday season gift for a loved one.

So, this clip is painfully short, but we hope is provides some idea of the look-feel and power of Elvis' performance... the camera lights were hot, that awesome leather jacket was hot, and the audience was captivated. In many ways, this 'Memories' performance is Elvis Presley at the very pinnacle of his powers, and that female audience is well aware. lol

This video clip is presented here on YouTube for the entertainment and informational value of the viewer, and no copyright infringement is intended.


Coming right up... the final song from the 'Singer Presents' special.
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